Gone are the times when social media was just used for uploading photos and updating status. Out of 3.7 billion internet users which is almost half the total population, 2.7 billion have a presence on social media platforms. The trend has changed now and social media has become a way of living for most of the people. There are many who update their whole day schedule on social media sites. As people spend most of the times on such platforms it gives a golden opportunity to businesses to promote themselves on social media. Today promotions are available on almost all the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. There are many digital marketing companies providing social media marketing to the brands. There are a plenty of advantages of social media for businesses, some of which are listed below.

In-Depth Information on Audience

We all are there on social media today and upload almost all the details about ourselves such as our likes/dislikes, our favorite brands, favorite hobbies, age, gender, profession etc. All these insights give the businesses every minor detail about our characteristics and behavior thus helping them in pitching the right audience.


The presence of a business on social media platforms helps in brand recognition. Digital marketing agencies help the brands to be noticed by the audience on social media making them aware about the brand and a kind of trust is developed among the audience regarding the brand, as they get deeply educated about their products

Quicker Customer Feedbacks

The old-school practice of writing letters or calling the customer care number for any grievances or feedback have been buried long ago. Nowadays people rely more on social media for their feedbacks and are more open about it. This helps in quick access to the feedback and a quicker redressal. People want to let others see the real picture of a product or a service through their social media posting by usually tagging the brand or the company and shouting it out loud.

Increasing Traffic on Website

A social media presence of any business especially an E-commerce helps in diverting users to their website in search of more products ultimately increasing the traffic on the website. All this helps in getting a higher ranking in the search engine results page.

Generating Leads

Social media also helps in generating leads by targeting the potential audience and pitching the product or service to the right people who can become future buyers. As the brands are aware of the insights of the audience, they are able to target the right people at the right time with the right product. For example, a guy working in an MNC who has longer working hours and has lesser time for shopping would become a potential buyer for an E-commerce website.

There has been a significant increase in sales for brands who have had a regular presence on social media. Interactivepixel is one of the well recognized social media company which helps the brands in establishing an online presence. They have an expertise in this field and are having a successful run since past few years.

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