Do you know how much time does your site takes to load through mobiles? This has become a very important question for every online business today because of the ever increasing mobile phone users around the world. Statistics show that in 2018 the number of mobile phones users have gone up to 3.7 billion worldwide and 49.2 percent of the internet traffic is derived through mobile devices. As almost half the traffic on the internet consists of on the go users, therefore, it becomes necessary for online businesses to think from their perspective too, which is why the businesses around the world are investing in the development of high-quality mobile-friendly websites. Many good Website Development Companies are there to help them out in this task.
As the world is going mobile, Google also decided to adapt itself according to the changes, in March 2015 Google launched Mobilegaddon, which was a kind of algorithm which Google used to rank sites on its search engine. The basis of this ranking was the mobile-friendliness of a website. Google prefers those websites which were quicker in response when accessed through mobile devices. Nearly 12% of organic traffic dropped on non-mobile friendly sites when this algorithm was implemented, and around 50% of the sites experienced a dropping in rankings.

A user is likely to leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Making it mobile friendly does not mean a reduction of content and removal of images so that it could load easily. It should be done in such a way that the users get the experience of your full-fledged website with all the content and images within a quick time. There are numerous Digital Marketing Agencies which provide these services and have helped many businesses in tackling this obstacle.

In 2018 Google is switching to mobile first indexing. The phrase itself suggests that Google is going to index those websites first, which are mobile friendly. We can easily check whether your site is optimised enough for mobile users or not by using a simple tool called mobile-friendly test which is available on the internet, it just takes a few seconds to finish the tests And if the results are alarming then it’s time for you to adapt your business to dynamic community of mobile users. Interactivepixels is one of the Best Website Development Companies in Delhi which has been creating beautiful and mobile-optimized websites for its clients. Many businesses might get affected due to the new Google policy of mobile first indexing, and in order to win in this race businesses have to shift their focus to the mobile internet users

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