The Digital Marketing Industry has been one of the most blooming fields in the world; it has spread its reach to a wide range of businesses. However, there are many businesses which are in dilemma about the success of an SEO campaign. There are a few SEO companies which can guarantee a higher rank to a website by choosing keywords which may be very less used or maybe sometimes irrelevant. Therefore it is very vital for a business to make the right choice in choosing an SEO company. SEO is affected by various other factors and search results can vary accordingly.

Personalised Results on Search Engines

Many people are unaware of the fact that the search results they see on our search engines page are closely connected to the users. For eg. When we are logged in our google account the results we see for search are different compared to the results we see when we are logged out. Our browsing history and preferences in the past influence our search results. The location also plays a very important role in our search results. When we have allowed Google to access our location we see the results according to our location as the search engines presume that the user wants to search the options available nearby.

Dynamic Algorithms

There are plenty of algorithms that Google follows like Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda, Pirate etc which have different uses each. The algorithms decide the rank of a website on the search pages. These algorithms are modified on a regular basis by Google which leads to an effect on the rankings of a website. No one has been able to understand the basis of these algorithms completely. Hence a change in an algorithm can affect SEO.

Not a Fixed Strategy for All

It is not necessary that the strategy followed to promote a particular website is a sure shot strategy that can be implied on every website. SEO strategies for some websites may lead to top results within a short span of time or a matter of few days, whereas the same strategy for some other website might take months or sometimes not even work for it. This is because SEO depends upon various other factors like content, Website designing and coding and mobile friendliness of a website. There are many good Website Designing Companies which help the businesses in improving their websites and its performance.
SEO can be a long-term solution for a business in order to build an online presence, but its success rate and duration can never be guaranteed, it requires a lot of patience in some cases. However, there are a few good digital marketing companies which have had a successful run for many clients. Businesses can take help from such companies for SEO services.

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